Capture Future Sales

Capture Future Sales

Items added to customers’ wish lists will link back to your website, increasing your future sales

Fewer Returns

Fewer Returns

Giving gifts people actually want means fewer returns

Brand Goodwill

New Customers

Wish List owners’ friends and family are brought on as new customers

Capture Insight

Customer Insight

Coming soon

Get unique insights on customers and demand for products

What is MySwag?

MySwag enables users to easily create, maintain and share wish lists to ensure they get the gifts they want. Users can create separate wish lists for different occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc), for their children or for their home. Rather than create multiple wish lists with individual merchants, MySwag enables users to have centralised wish lists which can be shared with their spouse, family or friends.

MySwag wish list

How does it work for users?

MySwag wish list

1. Users can add items from your website to their wish list by clicking the MySwag button.

MySwag wish list

2. Without leaving your website, users can specify their desired size or colour via a pop up window. Items are always saved with a link back your website.

MySwag wish list

3. Wish lists can be emailed to friends and family where items can then be purchased directly from their respective websites. When items are purchased, they will be taken off the list.

How does it work for merchants?

The MySwag button can be added to your website in minutes. All you need to do is paste in two lines of code (which we supply) to your website template.

Why users love MySwag

wish list women

Women can specify the dress, handbag shoes etc they want for Christmas in the exact size and colour.

wish list women

Parents can specify things they actually need for their new born child, rather than have gifts they don’t need and feel guilty about disposing of.

wish list women

Teenagers can specify the fashions or technologies they need – enabling accurate gift buying by grandparents or parents.

  • Users can get the gift they actually want or need

  • One global wish list for users rather than multiple individual ones to manage

  • Somewhere to add things to during the year as users think of suitable gifts

  • Cuts out wasteful gift giving

  • Cuts out guilt associated with disposing of unwanted gifts

  • Automated date reminders

  • Gifts can be ranked in order of preference

MySwag is everywhere

Users can use MySwag through our website on desktop and tablet, or through our app for iPhone.

Android app coming soon.


We’re just getting started

We have more exciting features to come... Stay tuned.